Austin, Texas

The capitol of Texas, Austin has a rich history and a well-deserved reputation for the weird and the artistic.

Austin boasts an exciting nightlife and a city full of flavor and activities to attract the youngish entrepreneur, techie, or business professional.

However, Austin has a dark side. Certain areas of the city have higher crime than others, and the homeless form their own city-within-a-city, living in makeshift camps (like Hobo City) or under overpasses.

Austin has always had a relatively strong supernatural community, but in the last few years, something has upset the unwritten status quo, and things are starting to get bad enough that even vanilla mortals are growing uneasy.

The White Council has been appealed by various supernatural communities to step in and help, but the standard response has been, “The Wardens are working on it.”

Rumors have been flying around the Austin supernatural community in the last few years of new curiosities and dangers as well.

A few of note:

Displaced Items of Power

Park Rituals

Growing Vampire Influence in Town

Indris Hopperdink’s Lost Treasure

Some places of note:

Parks in Austin:

Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge

Bastrop State Park

Thunderbird Coffee

Julio’s Mexican restaurant in Hyde park

Austin, Texas

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