Ethan Gregory

God of flashy combat


Blond hair and blue eyed despite his hispanic genes.

About 5’9". Athletic.


High Concept: Scion of Tyr
Trouble: Showboat, thy name is Ethan.
Refresh: 1
Skill Point: 0

Refresh from last session: 0

Total refresh (starting): NA


  • Hitting problems makes them go away
  • Sword of Tyr
  • Fairies are ok if they worship me.
  • Midgardians are crazy
  • Tracking the wolf

Left open


1 2 3 4 5 6
Physical: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Mental: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Social: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Armor, etc: none but worn. Usually wears an armor 2 bullet proof vest or an armor: 1 Armor of Asgaard which provides +1 to intimidation to the supernatural community.


Type P/M/S Stress Used? Aspect
Mild ANY -2 [ ]
Moderate ANY -4 [ ]
Severe ANY -6 [ ]

+2 mild


Ethan was raised by his mother. She only told him of his heritage when he was 16. He believed she was crazy at first, but then could no longer deny some of his supernatural abilities. He was half expecting it when Tyr showed up on his 18th birthday and offered him training in Asgard to be a warrior. Ethan showed exceptional promise and became the chosen of Tyr, and he proved to be a natural with a sword.

After Ethan completed his training, he was so exceptional that Tyr decided to give him his sword. Tyr no longer has a use for it, and he knew that Ethan would use it well. However, Ethan now has more of an obligation to his biological father.

For his first real assignment, Ethan was sent to the Nevernever to procure some materials for the norse dwarves to make into weapons. However, after seeing his sword, he was ambushed by scruffy fae. Ethan barely escaped with his life and the encounter made him distrust the fae.

Ethan decided to wander the Earth for a time. His only real experiences before doing so were high school and Asgard, so he was very naive. After exploring and exploring, he discovered technology and the internet. It did not agree with him. Now he feels behind the power curve in both the supernatural and the mundane world. He came to respect the advances humanity made even during his brief absence in Asgard, but he feels most are without honor and live their lives illogically.

While in Portland, Oregon, Ethan ran into another scion of a different pantheon who informed him of a scion of Fenris lurking in the city. Ethan found the monster who he felt obligated to face, and after a huge battle, the wolf ran away rather than face possible destruction. Ethan has been chasing him since and tracked Narlz to Austin.


Skill Level Skills
( +7 )

# Slots: 1
( +6 )

# Slots: 1
Athletics, Weapons
( +5 )

# Slots: 1
Rapport, Intimidation
( +4 )

# Slots: 2
Alertness, Endurance, Presence
( +3 )

# Slots: 2
Lore, Conviction, Strength
( +2 )

# Slots: 4
Scholarship, Investigation, Empathy
( +1 )

# Slots: 5
Survival, Guns, Fists, Burglary

Stunts & Power

-0 Wizard’s constitution
-3 Evocation
-7 Refinement
-4 Sponsored Magic: Combat
-7 Physical Immunity Catch of Frost Giants
-1 Scion Swordsman +1 to rolls with weapons
+2 Sword of Tyr
-8 Physical Immunity: Magic – Granted by Sword of Tyr
+5 The Catch: Everything else
-1 Icy Fire All melee weapons wielded by Ethan erupt with a nimbus of blue fire, adding +2 to the weapon rating. This also satisfies the catch for fire.
-4 Supernatural Recovery
+3 The Catch:Canines
-1 Shield Mastery. While wielding a shield, defense rolls are made at +2. This bonus is only a +1 for ranged attacks, and only applies if the shield is sturdy enough to take the attack.
- Supernatural Strength
- Mythic Speed
-2 Doesn’t care 2 social armor
-1 Hard to Kill 2 extra stress boxes
-0 Summon Sword of Tyr If Ethan concentrates for 2 rounds and sacrifices 1 mental stress, he can summon the Sword of Tyr
- Tough mind +2 to all social defense rolls.

Total cost of powers (-37)

Equipment and resources

Body armor: 2 (a bit bulky but fits under loose clothing)

Leather armor of Tyr. Armor:1. Adds +1 to intimidation rolls.

Several other assorted knives and weapons

Sig P220: Weapon 2 (loaded with hollowpoints. Each hollowpoint contains a mixture of iron and garlic powder sealed with solder).

Sword of Tyr: Weapon 3. A beautiful viking style sword that sparkles in the moonlight. Indestructible. Has the aspect “Attracts Trouble.” Can count as holy damage to some creatures.

Some Nordic Metal CDs.

Sponsored Magic:

None at the moment.




Name: Norman Riley

Loves cabbage and almost always has stinky breath. He doesn’t take many things in life too seriously except for fighting and family.

Norman and Ethan worked together in a small town in Louisiana with a Red Court Problem. Norman is x military and is very good with a gun.

Norman is a big blonde bastard from Louisiana. He’s become a bit “clued in” over the years and has seen his fair share of weirdness overseas.

Name: Trey Smith

Trey is a fast talking, highly intelligent but underschooled confidence man. He prides himself on his way with the ladies and his half-Jamaican heritage.

Trey is a street racer who grew up selling drugs. He’s a close friend of Ethan. Trey was a police officer before getting busted for taking drugs, but he still cares about the community. He met Ethan while saving a little girl from a Troll.

A tall dark black man with a quick smile, Trey grew up rough in the state of California. He is no longer in law enforcement and keeps in touch with Ethan, but he doesn’t have a lot of direction.

Name: Blake Jackson

Despite being a relatively tough guy, Blake likes his creature comforts. He enjoys long naps and will spend extra to ride first class vs. coach on a plane.

Blake was one of Ethan’s closest friends in the Asgard training camp. Blake eventually moved back to his native Arkansas after finishing training with his mother Freya, but he and Ethan visited each other often. Blake now works as a cop in Arkansas, and has backed Ethan up on a few missions. He is an accomplished magician and can shape change into a giant ram.

Blake is one of Ethan’s closest friends and still keeps touch with him on a weekly basis. It is highly likely that Blake may come visit Ethan in Austin soon.


Name: Hinata Ong

Hinata is of both Japanese and Indonesian heritage. She hates the anime “Naruto” with a passion since one of the main characters shares her first name.

Hinata was one of the first clients Ethan had during his travels. A completely clued-in practitioner of Fung Shui, she encountered a home that was the current lair of a life sucking faerie. Ethan was happy to help.

Hinata is a very stately and wealthy third generation Asian American.

Name: Chuck Terrence

A dedicated married man, Chuck always checks with his wife before doing anything dangerous.

Chuck has been a dependable financial backer and supporter of Ethan’s world travels. Chuck has always considered himself a viking, and after finding out about Ethan’s parentage, he took him in.
Chuck and his wife lost one of their 3 boys to vampires, and hate them with a passion. Ethan helped clean up Chuck’s town of supernatural predators, and Chuck is forever grateful.
Chuck owns several retail ventures and has the capital to help Ethan with his adventures, if not the body or skills. Ethan is a close family friend of the Terrences.

Chuck is about 5’11", overweight, and likes to wear plaid shirts. He has a ready smile and his empathy for others runs as deep as his vindictiveness to those who hurt his family.

Name: Austin Greeves “agent John Smith”

Austin is an avid MMORPG player and spends most of his free time on the internet under various handles, a fact that gets him made fun of by colleagues.

Austin contacted Ethan into his first year of traveling the world. Apparently the CIA has departments that are aware of the supernatural but don’t see any real benefit in upsetting the status quo. However, the CIA likes to keep track of things going on and has contracted Ethan as a paid informant.

Austin in slim of build and not very physically imposing. However, he notices everything around him and is great at time management.


Name: Narlz, Spawn of Fenrir

Enjoys eating hands – especially the hands of blond men.

Narlz is the spawn of Ethan’s father’s hated enemy, Fenrir.

Scary, scary, scary. Narlz is aware that he is evil and revels in it. His goals are to become powerful enough to kill and eat his father, then able to start the apocalypse Ragnarok on his own.

Name: Ned Buwell

Ned has a thing for little boys – an unhealthy thing. It may be his criminal activity in this regard that led him to organized crime.

Ned was working with vampires and Dark Fae in Georgia. He was making a good bit of money supplying people to eat and locations to nest. When Ethan kicked the anthill in his little operation, Ned became mighty upset. The increased scrutiny by the police are not helping his life move smoothly. Ned carries a grudge.

Ned is a shifty, wiry, creepy little man with his mouth in a constant sneer. He cracks his knuckles all the time.

Name: “Cat” Katrina Lawson

Katrina is a huge fan of “Family Guy” and even wears underthings with Peter and Lois on them.

Katrina is an x girlfriend of Ethan. What he didn’t know about her is that her elfin beauty was actually the result of being a changeling. Cat and Ethan parted on very, very bad terms. She now works in the private securities field.

There’s no love lost between these two. While Cat won’t go after Ethan and doesn’t hate him enough to actually track him down, if they were to meet “on the job”, it probably would not take much to convince her that he’s a threat.

Ethan Gregory

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