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June 27th - Spring is Upon Us

Viktor Gets Promoted!

After a week since their last adventure, the up-and-coming Spring Court Queen pays Viktor a visit in the middle of the night.

The Spring Court was impressed with Viktor, and offered him a bargain. The Queen-to-be would purge him of his inner (white court vampire) demon if he was willing to take on the mantle of Knight. Needless to say, he agreed. After a lengthy ritual that bestowed him power, she informed him to continue hunting magical artifacts for her. As her final words to him, she told Viktor that Ned knows more than he has been letting on.

After returning from Faerie, Viktor quickly called his companions Miranda, Johnathan, and Tory. Fortunately, Miranda was with a compatriot of hers, Jack Turner, who was willing to assist in their endeavors.

Viktor was forthcoming about his visit with the Spring Queen and her words about Ned, but didn’t tell everyone that he had been turned into the Spring Knight. It was a fairly short conversation, but pointed enough that it was gauged that the best course of action was to ask Ned more questions.

Ned was not forthcoming with the information that he had, but they were able to negotiate. A few choice magazines and the suggestion that the Spring Court was trying to come back was enough to loosen his engorged lips. It seems that Mommy Hannah has been hording artifacts herself, and their friend Sam has one in her possession.

After biding adieu to Ned, they were approached by a stranger who asked them to follow him to the chess room. There, they were whisked away to the Nevernever where Ethan was waiting for them. He explained that he had been busy building up his power base in the Nevernever, and had learned a few things about what was going on. During the conversation, it was revealed that Sam was in mortal danger from Mommy Hannah, and a homeless man by the name of “Rexalot” had another artifact.

In order to prevent Tory or Johnathan from doing anything uncouth, Viktor decided to spike their drinks. Drugged, they were incapacitated while Miranda, Jack, and Viktor split up and acted on the intel about Mommy Hannah and Rexalot.

Both Miranda and Jack went to scout out Mommy Hannah’s place, and see what they’re in for. It took a bit of time, but the two of them were able to gather some valuable intel—not the least of which was that Sam has been kidnapped by Mommy Hannah. While they were doing that, Viktor went to talk to Rexalot, and try to talk him out of his magical artifact. They were all successful, and returned to Viktor’s place.

Pissed that he was drugged, Tory immediately tried to kill Viktor. During the scuttle, Viktor put on the artifact he gained from Rexalot—a watch—and started to fly. Unfortunately, since he was unaware of what it did, he was completely unprepared to handle the power. He flew around and trashed most of his apartment.

Regrouping after angers died down, everyone decided to work out their plan of attack.

Aspects assessed this session:
Mommy Hannah: Being big is a blessing and a curse
Mommy Hannah’s Den: Spawn everywhere, large field that way!



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