Thirsting Dagger

A dagger of pure malevolence

weapon (melee)

Item of power

Weapon:3 Dagger +1 Armor penetration

*Note, this is a LARGE dagger, changing shape throughout history.

**Note, this dagger will not set off metal detectors.


+2 Item of power

-2 Venomous blade. Roll weapons to make a weapons maneuver. If successful, the target gets the aspect, “Poisoned”. In each subsequent exchange, the target must roll endurance against your weapons skill. After being taken out, the victim will die within hours if not properly medically examined.
Roll weapons to set the difficulty to mitigate the attack.

-1 Spider Walk

-2 Glamours

0 Marked by power

Total refresh: -3

Note: Upon wielding the dagger, the wielder will:

  • Get the aspect, “Diabolical Aura”
  • Get the aspect, “Corruption impulses”

And the dagger cannot be gotten rid of unless a high level exorcism ritual is performed, severing the link between the dagger and the wielder.

If the wielder throws it away, gives it away, or tries to dispose of it in any fashion, it will return by the next day.


Mentioned in whispered legends throughout history, the Thirsting Dagger is an object of pure evil, crafted by demons in the Nevernever to cause suffering in the mortal realms.

Sought by every supernaturally clued-in assassin to ever hear of it, the Thirsting Dagger is direct, brutal, efficient, and allows the disciplined assassin to never be seen before or after the act of murder.

Some say the dagger has a mind of its own, and is moving towards some alien and unfathomable goal. Some say it’s just a really evil weapon and should have been destroyed a long time ago.

Thirsting Dagger

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