Terror Cannon

This gun looks like a flintlock pistol, but shoots blasts of silver purple mystical energy

weapon (ranged)

Item of power

Very bulky, noticeable pistol:

+2 Item of power
-2 Energy blasts. Effectively fires spirit blasts at weapon:4 rating up to 2 zones away.
-1 Quick draw. Add +2 to alertness to determine order of combat
-1 Easy aim. The gun points supernaturally easy. Add +1 to guns while wielding the Terror.

Total Refresh – -2

Note: The small bayonet on the Terror allows blocks to be made against fists or melee weapons with the weapons skill. Treat the bayonet as a weapon: 1.


Created by a powerful wizard in the distant past, the gun has had its look revamped several times until disappearing for at least 100 years.

If the gun had been used more, it would be more well known.

Terror Cannon

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