Order of the Scorpion Fist's Finger Claw

Nasty magic gang weapon

weapon (melee)

Item of power


Adds +1 to the weapons rating of a “Fists” attack for the wielder.

+1 Item of power

-2 Scorpion Sting Same as Venomous P. 163

Total refresh -1

Adds the aspect, “Gaudy Jewelry” to the wearer. This can be detrimental to social actions unless whoever sees it recognizes it for the dangerous weapon it is.


A nasty mass manufactured magical weapons hitting the street, the finger talons of The Order of the Scorpion Fist is truly a dangerous weapon.

Nobody knows who or what is making these rings for the semi-national gang of thugs and assassins.

All that’s known is that it turns a decent street brawler into a nightmarish opponent up close, and that if the wielder of the ring dies, it loses all of its power, reverting back to the gaudy piece of jewelry it started as.

Order of the Scorpion Fist's Finger Claw

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