Cane of Richard Francis Burton

A beautiful mahogany cane with silver accents.


Item of Power
Counts as a weapon 3: Blunt.

+2 Item of power

-2 Victorian Heat

With a wave of the cane, the wielder can make a weapon:2 attack of mystic green fire up to one zone away.

-1 The sight.

-1 Supernatural Subterfuge.

Gain +2 when rolling deceit for the purpose of a disguise or pretending to know a language you do not know.

Total: -2


This is a cane that the Austin underground has been buzzing about for a several years.

A few affluent artists in town became collectors specializing in items of supernatural significance for the last 30 years. However, in the last decade or so a few have died and their precious collections were scattered to the winds out of estate sales.

Cane of Richard Francis Burton

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