Viktor Lampo

A monstrous heritage




High Concept: Orphan of the White Court
Trouble: Doesn’t know what he is
Refresh: 2
Skill Point: 0

Refresh from last session: 0

Total refresh (starting): NA


  • Curiosity killed the cat…
  • Stand up an fight!… or run.
  • Missing memories and a bad feeling
  • Cane of Richard Francis Burton
  • doesn’t know about that johnathan guy

Left open


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Physical: [ ] [ ] [ ]
Mental: [ ] [ ] [ ]
Social: [ ] [ ] [ ]
Hunger: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Armor, etc: none but worn


Type P/M/S Stress Used? Aspect
Mild ANY -2 [ ]
Moderate ANY -4 [ ]
Severe ANY -6 [X] struggling w/ inner spookiness

+1 mild when recovery is activated


His mother was a human his father was a white court. Both are dead. His mother’s side is sorta in the know as in “there are things that go bump in the night and the best solution is get the heck out of their way”. However his mindset always got him and people around him in trouble, though he always seemed to come out either on top of feeling like it was worth it.

He ended going to college where he studied both paranormal studies and investigation . He continued getting into things again, nothing big but he tended to genuinely want to help others. He had a genuine desire to not start fights but if forced, he would stand up for himself and others. However, if things started to get weird he would always try his bet to get his friends to back away slowly and run for it.

After he graduated (with some major difficulty), he was informed by his family that he has an inheritance from his mother leaving him with some very nice real estate in Austin and a nice trust fund. Not much in the grand scheme of things but enough that he doesn’t really have to worry about much so he just set up a paranormal & private investigation/ bodyguard office.. mostly out of boredom. He has just been wandering aimlessly at it till one night something odder than his usual happened. Parts of it are still fuzzy and he can’t shake the feeling that something truly bad happened. He just can’t seem to let it go. It is something after all.. and that’s better than nothing.

Viktor managed to buy a marvelous cane from a man who needed money while he was taking care of his own business. At this time his comrades who had been forced into service by Louis Caldera were getting shot, burned, and blown up, so Viktor definitely came out on top with this deal.


Skill Level Skills
( +5 )

# Slots: 1
( +4 )

# Slots: 2
Discipline, Weapons
( +3 )

# Slots: 3
Empathy, Resources, Athletics
( +2 )

# Slots: 5
Presence, Deceit, Lore, Fists, Investigation
( +1 )

# Slots: 6
Survival, Endurance, Conviction, Contacts, Burglary, Alertness

Stunts & Power

-1 Emotional Vampire
0 Human Guise
-2 Incite (lasting) emotion Addiction/indulgence
+1 Feeding Dependency Affecting:
-2 Inhuman Speed
-2 Inhuman Strength
-2 Inhuman Recovery
+1 The Catch:Addiction survivors Drugs, WoW, etc
+2 Item of Power. Cane of Richard Francis Burton
-2 Victorian Heat

With a wave of the cane, the wielder can make a weapon:2 attack of mystic green fire up to one zone away.

-1 The sight.
-1 Supernatural Subterfuge.
Gain +2 when rolling deceit for the purpose of a disguise or pretending to know a language you do not know.

Total cost of powers (-9)
Total refresh ( 2 )

Equipment and resources

Body armor:1. Can fit under clothes.

Cane of Richard Francis Burton

Escrima sticks

Metal pipe

A cane

A club

A mule eared sawed off shotgun

Motor Rickshaw

Punk Cds

Sponsored Magic:

None at the moment.


Viktor Lampo

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