Summer Changeling


A jovial, socially cutting changeling swordsman, Dalish tends to rub a lot of people the wrong way.


High Concept: Warrior Poet of the Summer Court
Trouble: No Stranger to Controversy
Starting Refresh:11
Refresh: 5
Skill Point: 0

Refresh from last session: 0

Total refresh (starting): NA


  • Noble born, noble scorned
  • Tongue Sharper than a Blade
  • Emissary to the Winter Court
  • Elusive Prey
  • Refugee of the Nevernever

Left open


1 2 3 4 5 6
Physical: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Mental: [ ] [ ] [ ]
Social: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Armor, etc: none but worn.


Type P/M/S Stress Used? Aspect
Mild ANY -2 [ ]
Moderate ANY -4 [ ]
Severe ANY -6 [ ]

+1 minor


Dalish was born of a mortal father and a sidhe mother. He was raised in the Nevernever from the age of 9 when his father passed away. However, he never fit in very well among the fae, and he was often made fun of for being part human.

As a defensive mechanism, he learned to be very quick witted as a child, and humiliate the young fae who tormented him. They dared not physically harm him for fear of his mother, but tensions grew the older Dalish became.

Once he was an adult, Dalish was “given an important mission”, or banished from his home realm. He was sent to the Winter courts of the Nevernever, ostensibly as an ambassador, but serving as a hostage.

While in Winter, Dalish was assaulted by two assassins, contracted by old enemies in Summer but working with factions in Winter who wanted to see him dead as well. Knowing he could not stand and fight nor stay in the Nevernever, Dalish fled to the Human world, taking Freela who demanded to go with him.

Now effectively homeless and hunted, Dalish lives in Austin, TX. He and Freela are trying to stay low, waiting for the storm to pass, but it may not be in the cards.


Skill Level Skills
( +6 )

# Slots: 0
( +5 )

# Slots: 2
Athletics, Intimidation
( +4 )

# Slots: 2
Weapons, Endurance
( +3 )

# Slots: 2
Performance, Presence
( +2 )

# Slots: 4
Empathy, Lore, Discipline, Conviction
( +1 )

# Slots: 5
Fists, Guns, Burglary, Rapport, Deceit

Stunts & Power

-2 Inhuman Speed +1 to athletics, may move one zone in combat without penalty. +2 to sprinting. +4 alertness for declaring initiative, move 1 zone without penalty
-2 Inhuman Strength +2 damage to strength based attacks, +3 to break/lift, +1 might modifier to other skills
-2 Inhuman Recovery
+1 The catch Iron, Trappings of winter
-1 Sword of flame Sword of flame. Dalish can will a sword of fire into his hands for 1 point of mental stress per round. The sword of flame counts as a weapon: 4 sword and satisfies the catch for trappings of Summer.

Total cost of powers (-6)
Total refresh ( 5 )

Equipment and resources

Fopish Nevernever clothing. Weapon:2 bronze sword.

Sponsored Magic:

None at the moment.



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