Let's keep Austin a little less weird.

A park ranger, a shot in the forest, splintered chitin, and group tension.

During the second session, the group met up with a park ranger in service to Gaia.

Hoping to secure his assistance with the growing problems in the supernatural community, the group decided to help Conner rid the forest of some “contamination” of the local forest.. Before they were able to make it to the site of the contamination, a shot rang out in the forest. Fortunately, no one was hit, and, thanks to Conner’s earth magic, they were able to retrieve the bullet from the ground.

When they finally managed to arrive at their destination, they were ambushed by two spSpawns of Hannah. It was a brief but bloody struggle between our heroes and the spawns. In the end, one managed to crawl away into a hole in the ground, but the majority of the abominations were eliminated.

After dealing with the threat to mother nature, Conner agreed to help with the growing problem of the ghouls. Everyone reconvened and hit up Thunderbird Coffee, Julio’s Mexican restaurant, and a bar.

When everyone was sufficiently full of their chosen vice, they went to talk to the local homeless go-to man, Rick Rags. After being bribed with a fifth of liquor and a (thankfully unloaded) gun, Rick spilled the beans about some of the stranger happenings in Austin. Homeless people disappearing, a vampire problem, and the ghouls eating the inventory at local meat-packing plants.

Intrigued at the random turn of events, the group decided to investigate weird happenings at the Domain.




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