Let's keep Austin a little less weird.

Samantha Rescued!

The best laid schemes o' mice an' men...

After our last adventure, everyone knew it was time to act! Samantha was in dire straits, and Johnathan needed to save her.

After their last visit, Jack & Miranda had sussed out the best way to get in and out safest. A plan was devised to get in, get Sam, and get out—hopefully with Mommy Hannah non-the-wiser. It was a simple plan, Miranda would do her living shadow thing and get close to Sam. After that, she would re-materialize and cut Sam’s bonds. Jack and Viktor would carry her out, while Johnathan would run interference. It was decided that since Johnathan was the fastest of them all, he could catch up the quickest.

But we all know what they say about the schemes of mice and men, right? Needless to say, it all started to go wrong in the beginning.

On the way to the clearing where Mommy Hannah was known to be, the gang ran into a dazed man, wearing nothing but his shoes and underwear. While not too weird in Austin, the way the man held himself let them know something was wrong. After a brief talk with the stranger, it seemed that he must have spied the lair of Mommy Hannah, or possibly has escaped from her clutches. Whatever the reason, Jack gave him some bus money, and Johnathan gave him his coat, so he wouldn’t get kicked off the bus.

A few minutes later, everyone found out that he most likely was a run-away, because 4 spawns appeared and attacked! After some valiant defensive fighting, the group found out that these spawn were different than any they had previously encountered. Not only were they faster, they were able to spit acid and were smarter than the average monster †.

When the spawn informed them that they were to surrender and be taken to Mommy Hannah, they gladly surrendered…after realizing that Mommy Hannah herself was coming to help her spawn! It was ok, though, since the spawn were taking them exactly where they wanted to go. Unfortunately, the spawn took all their equipment, including Viktor’s magic staff.

After a short while, three of the four spawn were sent off by the fourth to investigate something. The fourth spawn started talking to them! It turns out that the smarter spawn retained some of their humanity, and this one used to be a banker named Sue. She was able to let them go, and give them a head start, promising to stall the other three as long as possible.

That’s when the group split up. Miranda did her shadow thing, and went ahead to scout and get into position to free Sam. Johnathan and Jack stealthed their way towards the rendez-vous point, and Viktor went the long way around, stumbling into a full tanker-truck (yes, we spent a FP to Declare it so)! Upon seeing this, Jack vowed to save as many as he could, not just Sam.

With Jack and Johnathan in place, they surveyed the horrors before them. The area with Sam was full of people: women, children, men, and even some practitioners. Also, to everyone’s surprise, Narlz was locked up, awaiting his turn to become a spawn! Upon learning of this, Jack texted Viktor, who than used a communication stone to get into contact with Ethan. Ethan, without hesitation, joined Viktor in the truck, while Viktor filled him in on what was happening.

Given the signal to release Sam, Miranda chickened out, and stayed in shadow-form. Upset at the turn of events, Jack went down himself to free the others, while Johnathan went straight for Sam. Luckily, there were so many spawn around‡ that the noise they made didn’t attract any attention. Jack first went to free one of the wizards, who was more interested in revenge than saving anyone else.

Needless to say, she started immediately blasting everything in sight, causing such a ruckus that Johnathan was easily able to rescue Sam, bringing her to safety before even looking back. Meanwhile, Jack tried to save as many as he could.

When Viktor and Ethan got on the scene, Viktor made a bee-line for the spawn who had stolen his cane, and Ethan cut a swath through the spawn to get to Narlz. After slaying his hated enemy, who’s final words were “thank you, enemy”, Mommy Hannah herself made an appearance! She swatted Ethan like a moth, sending him flying into the treeline, while Viktor’s patron, Aibell, assisted him in retrieving his staff.

The group was able to get away safely, and saved quite a few citizens, to boot. The wizard who Jack freed first took the tanker, and used magic to throw it behind them, and caused it to explode, covering their escape…

†Yes, that is one of their aspects!
‡Free tag of spawn everywhere that was assessed last time.
As a parting gift, the PCs were threatened by Mommy Hannah, and were able to learn that nobody messes with her babies!



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