Let's keep Austin a little less weird.

Samantha Rescued!
The best laid schemes o' mice an' men...

After our last adventure, everyone knew it was time to act! Samantha was in dire straits, and Johnathan needed to save her.

June 27th - Spring is Upon Us
Viktor Gets Promoted!

After a week since their last adventure, the up-and-coming Spring Court Queen pays Viktor a visit in the middle of the night.

May 16 - Death, Destruction, and Ninja
Conner gets Kidnapped!

Miranda took it upon herself to get in touch with her work-friends who were MIA last mission. Conner and Viktor met up with Miranda and Johnathan at Thunderbird Coffee, where Samantha Summers seemed a bit out of sorts.

Conner, the ever caring park ranger, asked her what was going on. After convincing her he was willing to listen, she told him about a strange coffee she brewed the day before—a “sight shot” of coffee. When she drank the drought, she was assaulted with a vision most horrible. She was only able to tell them a little bit about it, but it obviously upset her. She mentioned the need to stay at her coffee shop, her place of power, to stay safe. Conner lent her his camping gear so she wouldn’t have to go outside.

Brief recap of 5/2/11

We met with Louie, resident Warden of the south-west. He was upset with us, as we had failed to start the mission we were given to hunt down the Ghouls, and instead investigated unnatural happenings at the Bastrop State park.

As a recap to the previous session, it had turned out it was a Hellfire sponsored evil Wizard type. We failed to stop his summoning ritual, and got our asses kicked. We also ran into Narlz, who was trying to stop us from preventing the ritual, Ethan Gregory, who was doing his now regular “hunt down Narlz” shenanigans, and the mysterious sniper that has been shadowing us, and taking pot shots now and then.

A park ranger, a shot in the forest, splintered chitin, and group tension.

During the second session, the group met up with a park ranger in service to Gaia.

Hoping to secure his assistance with the growing problems in the supernatural community, the group decided to help Conner rid the forest of some “contamination” of the local forest.. Before they were able to make it to the site of the contamination, a shot rang out in the forest. Fortunately, no one was hit, and, thanks to Conner’s earth magic, they were able to retrieve the bullet from the ground.

When they finally managed to arrive at their destination, they were ambushed by two spSpawns of Hannah. It was a brief but bloody struggle between our heroes and the spawns. In the end, one managed to crawl away into a hole in the ground, but the majority of the abominations were eliminated.

First Session - Kooky Wizards and wacky fae

The party all got an invitation to attend a local Sci-Fi convention. The invitation was to them specifically.

After getting there, the group was summoned to a hotel room, and after various hijinks (including Torbjørn (Tory) Høyre getting blasted with some evocation for being a chode), the group was approached by Luis Caldera and some lackeys.

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