Keep Austin a Little Less Weird.

This section will be changing soon after city creation.

Austin, Texas has become a hotbed of supernatural activity of late.

Rumors of treasure troves of weapons and other enchanted items in Austin have been circling the Paranet and other supernatural circles for some time now. Slowly but surely, different factions of the supernatural community have been responding.

Austin in the past was a relatively quiet and serene getaway for retiring wizards, and a relatively low key stomping ground for supernatural entities who either didn’t have the power or the will to be in the thick of things anymore.

All that has changed.

With the influx of mortals to the Austin job market due to the world economy tanking, there has also been a steady influx of supernatural predators. Where the prey goes, the predators must follow.

In the last 5 years or so, vampires in particular have been becoming a more and more noticeable problem. The white council has its collective hands tied. Riding the fence between supernatural police and declaring open war on a faction has always been an… issue for wardens.

Additionally, mention of other lesser known supernatural threats have been told in whispers, and mortals in the know have begun quietly but determinedly buying supernatural means of protection.

The homeless in the city have probably been hit hardest of any group. Stranded, forgotten, living with no threshold, homeless people are easy prey.

Something has to give soon. The pressure of the supernatural world against the mundane world is becoming too great. Either the status quo has to change, or the modern mortal world may “discover” the supernatural world, to disastrous results for both sides.

  • Meeting of the minds
  • Hobo woes
  • Are you gonna eat that?
  • Trouble at Toy Joy
  • WTF is that?

Note – At all times, there is approximately 300% of content hidden from players to be revealed in-game. :)

Let's keep Austin a little less weird.

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