Threads in Play

So far we have the following things that we’re looking into:

  • Ghouls eating people
  • Vampires on the outskirts of town
  • The creepy centipede things with bodies of babies
  • Veetrov and the nasty thing he summoned
  • Something to do with the fae
  • Conner got kidnapped

Anything else I’m forgetting?

  • Rick Rags and his gun
  • The homeless as both a food source and source of information
  • The homeless guy that Connor ran into telling him to go to see Rick Rags
  • Rumors of vampires in the outlying forests
  • Ninjas. In general
  • Why the hell is Narlz in Austin?
  • What was going on that prompted Caldera to be on the phone getting chewed out by superiors?
  • Why are things in town heating up so fast?
  • Who or what was behind the ritual in the forest? Who or what was hired to kill children?
  • How much is the Austin PD willing to go to help?

Threads in Play

Let's keep Austin a little less weird. EldritchFire