Displaced Items of Power

In addition to the Lost Treasure, Austin is also known as the dead end to the journey of at least several supernatural items.

Indris Hopperdink was not the only collector/creator of magical items living in Austin before her passing. Indeed, one of the reasons she moved to the capitol of Texas was for the underground exchange of powerful items and the collector culture.

However, over the last decade or so, several supernatural and vanilla collectors have died, leaving their non-clued in families to ignorantly sell off their collections in estate sales.

The hunt for these rare artifacts and items of power have been drawing all manner of people from the supernatural community for years, but lately the research and hunting has reached a fever pitch.

Crimes involving breaking and entering, and the theft of what appears to be near-worthless antiques has had the police baffled for quite some time.

Displaced Items of Power

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