Character Aspects

Johnathan Sparks

  • The Spark of Information
  • I have nothing better to do.
  • Spot the mark (might change… )
  • My laptop knows who you are
  • Plugged in
  • Friends in low places
  • Tech Support

Ryan Noman

  • Religious Mercenary Businessman
  • The Lord is Righteous in His ways.
  • Washed in the Blood of the Lamb
  • Lord give me strength
  • Holy Crusade
  • God hates Fangs
  • Friends in low places

Torbjørn (Tory) Høyre

  • Scion of Asgaard
  • Real men accept a challenge
  • I work for my one eyed father
  • Torc of Odin
  • War AND prophesy!? fml.
  • Faulty moral compass
  • Muscle for hire

Velma Levy

  • Confused Were-Giant Cat
  • How do you use this thing?
  • White and nerdy
  • Goddess Bastet Ankh Ring
  • Supernatural newbie
  • Baby Punk
  • Redux

Viktor Lampo

  • Orphan of the White Court
  • Doesn’t know what he is
  • Curiosity killed the cat…
  • Stand up an fight!… or run.
  • Missing memories and a bad feeling
  • God hates Fangs
  • Doesn’t know about that Jonathan guy

Ethan Gregory

  • Scion of Tyr
  • Showboat, thy name is Ethan
  • Hitting problems makes them go away
  • Sword of Tyr
  • The only good faerie is a dead one
  • Midgardians are crazy
  • Tracking the wolf

Conner O’Malley

  • Gaia’s Park Ranger
  • Nature First
  • Family man
  • Will not back down
  • Two feet firmly planted
  • Johnathan is reliably crazy
  • Redux

Character Aspects

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