Skadi is the Noric Goddess of Winter and of the Hunt.



High Concept: Scion of Asgard
Trouble: Only blood can quench the fires of vengence
Refresh: 4
Skill Point: 0

Refresh from last session: 0

Total refresh (starting): NA


  • The Ice Princess
  • Hammer of Skadi
  • You can run but you can’t hide

Left open

Guest Star
Guest Star Redux


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Physical: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] ([ ] [ ] [ ] [ ])
Mental: [ ] [ ] [ ]
Social: [ ] [ ] [ ]

Armor, etc: +2 armor from supernatural toughness, usually wears Asgardian armor: 1, which provides +1 to intimidation to the supernatural community.


Type P/M/S Stress Used? Aspect
Mild ANY -2 [ ]
Moderate ANY -4 [ ]
Severe ANY -6 [ ]


Skadi is the Goddess of Winter and of the Hunt. She is married to Njord, the gloomy Sea God, noted for his beautiful bare feet (which is how Skadi came to choose him for her mate.) Supposedly the bare foot is an ancient Norse symbol of fertility. The marriage wasn’t too happy, though, because she really wanted Balder for her husband. She is the goddess of Justice, Vengeance, and Righteous Anger, and is the deity who delivers the sentence upon Loki to be bound underground with a serpent dripping poison upon his face in payment for his crimes. Skadi’s character is represented in two of Hans Christian Anderson’s tales: “The Snow Queen” and “The Ice Princess.”


Skill Level Skills
( +6 )

# Slots: 1
( +5 )

# Slots: 1
( +4 )

# Slots: 2
Athletics, Alertness
( +3 )

# Slots: 3
Endurance, Investigation, Lore
( +2 )

# Slots: 3
Stealth, Conviction, Empathy
( +1 )

# Slots: 4
Discipline, Rapport, Might, Survival

Stunts & Powers

Martial Artist: (fists) As a result of advanced training, you are able to recognize many styles of martial arts, using Fists as a knowledge and perception skill focused on unarmed fighting. This enables you to make assessments and declarations related to fighting styles and fighting culture using your Fists skill. This stunt may be used as a prerequisite for other Fists stunts.

Armed Arts: (Hammers & Bows)
Requires Martial Artist. You are practiced with a small number of weapons as part of your martial arts training. Pick two weapons which logically fit in with your training (nightstick and knife with cop training, for example). You may use the Fists skill instead of Weapons when wielding these implements.

Interrogator: (intimidation)
You use Intimidation to scare a “perp” or at least provoke strong reactions out of him. Those reactions should tell you something, even if you don’t get a confession out of your target. Once per scene, whenever you make a successful Intimidation attack while questioning someone, you can set aside the stress you’d inflict and instead treat the attack as a successful Empathy attempt to “read” that person (page 129). You can use Empathy to figure out what makes another character tick. After at least ten minutes of intense, personal interaction, you may make an Empathy roll against the target’s Rapport roll (see Closing Down under Rapport, page 138; the target might also choose to defend with Deceit). This is an assessment (page 115) action and, as such, if you gain one or more shifts on your roll, you discover one of the target’s aspects that you weren’t already aware of. It may not reveal the name of the aspect in precise detail, but it should paint a good general picture. For instance, it might not give the name of someone’s brother, but it will reveal that he has a brother.
You can repeat this process, taking longer each time, and ultimately reveal a number of aspects equal to your Empathy skill value (minimum of one)—so, a Fair skill (value 2) would allow you to reveal two aspects through at least two different rolls.

Listening: (investigation) You can tune out your other senses and simply focus on your hearing, making you able to pick up faint sounds with astonishing clarity. Gain a +4 on your Investigation roll when Listening; however, your Alertness drops to Terrible while doing so, due to the exclusion of your other senses. If a conflict begins while you are Listening, it will take a full exchange for your Alertness to return to normal once you stop.

Marked by Power: (Odin)
Description: You’ve been marked by something powerful, in a way recognizable to those with a
magical affinity. Such people and creatures will think twice about acting against you, but they’ll also see you as a representative of the thing that’s marked you.
Musts: Your high concept must reflect the creature or person who has marked you.
Skills Affected: Varies.
Aegis of Respect. A magical mark is upon you, placed by a creature or person of significant
power. It’s not that the mark provides any actual protection, but magically aware people and creatures can perceive this mark upon you and word tends to get around that you’ve been “claimed.” Whenever dealing with someone in the magical community, all of your social skill rolls operate at a +1 bonus. The downside, of course, is that people tend to see you as a representative of the thing that marked you, which can lead to some uncomfortable entanglements and assumptions. If you absolutely must conceal this mark, you can, but it takes some concentration— use any appropriate skill (Stealth or Deceit, usually) restricted by Discipline to do so, but you can’t do anything stressful (like combat) without dropping the concealment.

Item of Power [+2]
Description: Throwing Hammer- Automatic return, Weapon damage: 3, Unbreakable
Scion Strength: [-1] +2 to damage, +3 to strength for lifting and breaking
Scion Speed: [-2] Athletics checks are made at +2. When Sprinting this is +4. Skadi can move 2 zones as a supplemental action without penalty.

Supernatural Toughness [–4]
Description: Your body can take punishments that would easily kill a normal man.
Musts: This ability replaces Inhuman Toughness. You must attach this power to a
Catch (see page 185).
Skills Affected: Endurance, other physical skills.
Harder to Hurt. You naturally have Armor:2 against all physical stress.
Harder to Kill. You have four additional boxes of physical stress capacity (page 201).

The Catch [+3]
Description: If attacked by bare human feet I do not get the bonuses from Supernatural Toughness and am less likely to attack the enemy with bare feet.
Skills Affected: None.
The Catch.
My Toughness is by passed by Bare human feet (easy access too, but not typically bare: +2)
Anyone with knowledge of Skadi, particularly my marriage, knows of this weakness ( weakness easily found out: +2)

Equipment and resources

Leather Asgardian armor. Armor:1. Adds +1 to intimidation rolls.

Hammer of Skadi: Weapon 3. A beautiful viking style hammer. Indestructible. Automatically returns after thrown within one zone.

Bow: Weapon 2



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