Simon the Butcher

Psycho even before being turned


High Concept: Serial Killer turned Vampire

Other Aspects: I am immortal, grovel worms, the chase is as much fun as the catch, super stalker, ewww


Alertness: Average +2
Athletics: Good +2
Discipline: Good +3
Fists: Good +2
Weapons: Great +4
Endurance: Fair +2
Intimidation: Fair +3
Stealth: Fair +2


Mental: [ ] [ ]
Social: [ ] [ ]
Physical: [ ] [ ] [ ] ([ ] [ ] [ ] [ ])
Hunger: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]


-1 Claws
-1 Echoes of the Beast
-1 Living dead
-4 Supernatural Toughness
+3 The catch: Bram Stoker style weaknesses
-1 Blood Drinker
+1 Feeding Dependency, Affecting:
-1 -Cloak of Shadows
-2 -Inhuman Strength
-2 -Inhuman Speed
-2 -Domination
-3 -Gaseous Form

Gear: Nasty, rotten old clothes.
An ancient, battered, blood pitted carving knife. Weapon:1. This is his favorite weapon.


Simon is real piece of work. He operated as a disgusting serial murderer, butchering animals during the day by trade, and preying on children and women in outlying villages at night. He was ugly, mean, rude, and ignorant. He had no friends, and no woman would so much as talk to him. He took his misplaced anger at the world out on the innocent… and ate parts of them.

Simone would have been a great case study for psychologists, but unfortunately he was never caught by the authorities. Instead, he was turned by Peytre Treminosk as a sick joke. Peytre was amused by the fact that by turning Simon, he was saving a community more pain and horror, but inflicting more misery upon the world at large.

As an immortal, Simon has developed a lot of arrogance to go with his petulance and martre complex.

He still enjoys preying on innocents, and for sport he enjoys trying to scare children to death by coming out of the closet.

Simon the Butcher

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