Retired Lich


Lich Lord

High Concept: 3000 Year Old Ancient Egyptian Lich
Other Aspects: Undead Hordes, Lunatic Charisma, Lone Wolf, Senior Council Level Wizard, Loves Cheesy Soap Operas
Epic: Conviction, Lore
Fantastic: Discipline, Intimidation
Superb: Presence, Endurance
Great: Scholarship, Deceit
Good: Alertness, Empathy, Rapport
Fair: Craftsmanship, Survival, Investigation, Athletics
Average: Fists, Contacts, Resources, Stealth
Master Of Zombies (Lore): Lore complements the attacks of all zombies under your direct command.
Pretty Fly For A Dead Guy (Presence): Ignore 2 shifts worth of social penalties from Living Dead.
Legends Of Terror (Intimidation): + 2 to Intimidation against anyone who knows your reputation.
Limited Prescience (Lore): Use Lore to defend in physical combat.
Lunatic Charisma (Conviction): Use Conviction to defend in social combat.
Control The Conversation (Discipline): Use Discipline for social initiative.
Evocation [-3]
Thaumaturgy [-3]
The Sight [-1]
Kemmlerian Necromancy [-2]
Lawbreaker (1st) [-2]
Lawbreaker (3rd ) [-2]
Lawbreaker (5th) [-2]
Refinement [-18]
Item of Power (Phylactery) [+ 1] granting:
Living Dead [-1]
Supernatural Recovery [-4]
Evocation (Air, Earth, Spirit): + 1 Air Control, + 1 Earth Control, + 2 Spirit Control, + 3 Spirit Power
Thaumaturgy: + 1 Crafting Frequency, + 1 Psychomancy Control, + 2 Psychomancy Complexity, + 2 Crafting Power, + 3 Necromancy Complexity, + 4 Necromancy Control
Foci: Staff (+ 6 Offensive Spirit Power), Funeral Mask (+ 3 Necromancy Complexity and Control), Sarcophagus (+ 3 Crafting Power and Frequency)
Enchanted Items (all have 6 uses/session): Robes (14 shift block against attack), Mummy Wrappings (Armour 6), Gauntlet (12 shift attempt to break something), Flag (Maneuver, places aspect of Infused With Dark Power on both the scene and all zombies in the zone, duration 5), 6 potion slots
Total Refresh Cost:



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