Ryan Noman

Religious Zealot and Mercenary Contractor


Inspiration for character here



High Concept: Religious Mercenary Businessman
Trouble: The Lord is Righteous in His ways.
Starting Refresh: 12 (Pure Mortal)
Refresh: 4
Skill Point: 0

Refresh from last session: 0

Total refresh (starting): NA


  • Washed in the Blood of the Lamb
  • Lord give me strength
  • Holy Crusade
  • God hates Fangs
  • Friends in low places

Left open


1 2 3 4 5 6
Physical: [ ] [ ] [ ]
Mental: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Social: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Armor, etc: none but worn, but is usually always wearing armor of some kind.


Type P/M/S Stress Used? Aspect
Mild ANY -2 [ ]
Moderate ANY -4 [ ]
Severe ANY -6 [ ]

+1 mild


Midwest, son of blue collar worker. Family worked in coal mine. Was a Choir boy at local church. Eagle Scout. High School Basketball Star, joined Military instead of going to College

upon joining military quickly became part of Special Forces. unit was shot down on Iraq/Iran Border. Unit wiped out by supernatural monsters. Escaped, sought shelter in church. Found Jesus, and a reason for revenge

Upon discharge from Military ended up forming a Church group made of former military personal. Set up a rehab lodge in the woods. Local Quakers were wiped out by Werewolves. Zeke and Ryan rounded up the men and wiped them out. Men bounded over experience decided that a Religious mercenary group was the answer.

In Austin, Viktor’s bar patrons were causing problems with Ryans congregation who were protesting the occult activity in the Austin Area, and Texas in general.

Recently, Ryan needed some Security consultants to come into the country, but the INS was fouling it all up. Jonathan Sparks was able to help Ryan out with some fake ids and other techno foolery.


Skill Level Skills
( +5 )

# Slots: 1
( +4 )

# Slots: 3
Conviction, Guns, Presence
( +3 )

# Slots: 3
Deceit, Athletics, Craftsmanship
( +2 )

# Slots: 3
Resources, Endurance, Empathy
( +1 )

# Slots: 4
Intimidation, Investigation, Survival, Discipline

*note – 1 skill point given in advance.

Stunts & Power

-1 Ear to the ground
-1 Counselor

You have some formal education in professional counseling or psychotherapy. Your skill can be used to justify another character’s recovery from moderate or severe social or mental consequences, provided you have the time and opportunity to provide them with the full extent of your services as a counselor.

-1 No Pain No gain
-1 Sex appeal
-1 Hunter +2 survival to track something
-1 Demolitions training
You are trained in the effective use of explosives (this is a new skill trapping; most people can’t handle explosives without training). You may use your Craftsmanship skill to place and set explosives appropriately. This allows you to do attacks and maneuvers against structures. and your skill roll also sets the difficulty for any characters attempting to avoid damage from an explosive that you’ve placed. Hiding an explosive uses the deceit skill

-1 The weight of reputation Use presence instead of intimidation to scare people if they know your rep.
-1 Hand Eye Coordination Use guns instead of weapons to throw weapons.

Total cost of powers (-8)
Total refresh ( 4 )

Equipment and resources

Body armor: 2 (a bit bulky but fits under loose clothing)

A large assortment of explosives. Legal due to government contracts.

Many other assorted knives and weapons

[[H&K MP7 | H&K MP7]]: Weapon 3 loaded with AP ammo. Full auto,SBR sized sub gun. -1 to armor due to AP rounds.

Various sniper rifles.

Some Gospel CDs.

Sponsored Magic:

None at the moment.


Served with Ryan, Ryans #1 Body Guard. Small, Israeli, and Deadly, in the know

2. Uncle Joe
Co-Runs the Church/cult aspect of the mercanry group with Ryan. Old, God Fearing, In the dark

3. The Governor of Texas
Saved the Governors life from a Faire bargin that went south.

1. State Senator Goldman
Fat sassy Black woman, Democrat, liberal as hell, doesnt like religious types, doesn’t like Security companies, will play dirty. Has Skeletons in her closet

2. James Thompson
Disgraced Televangelist trying to get back on top by “exposing” false prophets on his Reality Tv/youtube channel

3. Sgt. venture
Was in Ryans unit. Blames him for loss of leg and Arm. made deal with demons for limbs back, but got more than he bargained for.

1. Lou Molando
Editor of the Austin Gazette (Leading paper in Austin) On okay terms with Ryan. Well provide info for cash

2. Austin Chief of Police
Wary of Ryan, but will use Ryans services

3. Skippy
Homeless Deviant, always on the street, sees everything, but everyone ignores him

Ryan Noman

Let's keep Austin a little less weird. marksiwel

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