Peytre Treminosk

Outcast Master Vampire


High Concept: Old School Master Vampire
Other Aspects: Where’s my renfields at?, diplomacy sometimes beast violence, weird is fun, evil is such a harsh word…., Michael Scott is hilarious.


Alertness: Fair +2
Athletics: Good +3
Discipline: Fantastic +6
Fists: Great +4
Endurance: Great +4
Intimidation: Good +3
Stealth: Fair +2
Lore: Great +4
Conviction: Great +4
Rapport: Great +4


Physical [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] ([ ] [ ] [ ] [ ])
Mental: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Social: [ ] [ ] [ ]
Hunger: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]


-1 Claws
-1 Echoes of the Beast
-1 Living Dead
-3 Evocation
-3 Refinement

  • Control: (Spirit +, Water, Air), Power: (Spirit, Water, Air)
  • Staff, Focus item. (+4 Spirit Defensive power, +4 spirit Defensive control)
  • Rote Spell: “Karakass”, 9 shift shield.

-4 Supernatural Toughness
+3 The Catch – Bram Stoker style weaknesses.
-1 Blood Drinker
+1 Feeding Dependency, Affecting:
-1 -Beast change
-1 -Cloak of Shadows
-4 Supernatural Strength
-2 Inhuman speed
-4 Domination (Master Dominator)
-3 Gaseous form

Total refresh: -25


Peytre was born somewhere in europe a long time ago. He doesn’t give specifics.

What is known about Peytre is that he never really fit in with his fellow vampires very well. While he is definitely evil, and definitely powerful, even probably a minor wizard before being turned, he is extremely eccentric.

Over the centuries, his fellow vampires have shunned him for fear that he would bring the world down on them due to his (relatively) flamboyant ways and strange sense of dark humor. Ironically, this allowed him to escape the enormous black vampire purge in Europe after Bram Stoker’s book came out.

Peytre came to Austin searching for a fabled ring that would allow him to walk in the daylight. If such a thing existed, he vowed to find it so he could start painting with spraypaint on the rocks of the beach during the sunset… in between mortal snacks.

However, after getting to Austin, he bumped into Meggala, and the two have been at each other’s throats since. They are technically fighting for control of the territory, but in reality it has devolved into a deadly grudge match between two immortals with nothing better to do.

He now always keeps his renfields on hand, and has reigned his subordinate Simon the Butcher in for pragmatism’s sake.

Peytre Treminosk

Let's keep Austin a little less weird. JoshA