New Master on the Block


High Concept: Lone Wolf Master Vampire
Other Aspects: The baddest bitch in town, Don’t need anyone or anything else, self made master, Everything that moves is food, a challenge? Yes.


Alertness: Great +4
Athletics: Good +4
Discipline: Great +4
Fists: Fair +2
Guns: Superb +5
Might: Great +4
Weapons: Fantastic: +6
Endurance: Good +3
Intimidation: Great +4
Stealth: Fantastic +6
Contacts: Fair +2

Mental: [ ] [ ] [ ]
Physical [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] ([ ] [ ] [ ] [ ])
Social: [ ] [ ] [ ]
Hunger: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]


-1 Claws
-1 Echoes of the Beast
-1 Living Dead
-4 Supernatural Toughness
+3 The Catch – Bram Stoker style weaknesses.
-1 Blood Drinker
-1 Good Arm. Thrown weapons 2 zones instead of 1.
-1 Flourentine style. While using two melee weapons, the second weapon’s rating is added to the weapon value, rounded up.
+1 Feeding Dependency, Affecting:
-1 -Beast change
-1 -Cloak of Shadows
-4 -Supernatural Strength
-2 -Inhuman speed
-4 -Domination (Master Dominator)
-3 -Gaseous form

Total Refresh: -21

Standard equipment: Wears sweats and a Musim face wrap to conceal her true nature. Generally carries her swords, “Blight”, and “Merced” in some way that is hidden and easily accessible.

Blight is a weapon: 3 Katana. Merced is a weapon:3 Broadsword.

Both are normal weapons and have the aspects “Made of Steel”

Meggala lusts after magical, indestructible weapons that she could use her full strength with. In fact, a few in the supernatural community have theorized this could be what brought her to Austin in the first place.


Meggala is one nastily deadly vampire.

Nobody really knows where she came from, when she was turned, or why she is so pissed off all of the time, but those in the supernatural community who have met her and had the power or the guile to survive the encounter are never in a hurry to see her again.

While Meggala does not have the control that Peytre Treminosk, she makes up for it with being far more careful in how she uses her power.

Neither master vampire can afford to leave a huge trail of bodies. In fact, Peytre, who uses renfields for protection is always careful to acquire transients or illegal immigrants who will not be missed.

The rivalry between Peytre and Meggala has reached new heights. At the moment, they are fighting for control of of a “cattle” population. These are immigrants and some homeless who give blood for a pittance of money. Both master vampires prefer to kill for blood, but they are also both pragmatic and crafty.

Meggala is one of the deadliest swordswomen of all time. It is said she is so old that she fought Tomoe Gozen. Hell, she may BE Tomoe Gozen.

That said, she’s realized that she cannot wage her one-vampire-war against another master while simultaneously looking for relics, so she turned May Turner to look for her.

Unfortunately, May is not very good at it and just keeps killing things.


Let's keep Austin a little less weird. JoshA