Indris Hopperdink

Artificer of legend ::Deceased::


Indris Hopperdink, a wizard of great renown and x warden by way of England, eventually settled in Austin, TX.

She lived there for 60 years before eventually passing away in 1992.

Legend has it that she created some items so powerful or fanciful that they even scared her.. or she felt the world was not ready for them yet.

The legend goes on to say that she gathered all of her most powerful items in one place and set golems to watch over them. If anyone has ever found the treasure cache, they have not spoken of it.

Most in the supernatural community will say that Indris was a master crafter and probably made many remarkable items far more powerful than what was found in her home after her death, but few believe in the Lost Treasure.


Indris Hopperdink

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