Pao Lee

Mystically Powered Martial Artist


High Aspect: Mystically-Powered Martial Artist
Trouble: Good intentions pave the road to hell
Other Aspects: Confident but not cocky, knows the score, too noble for real life, despises guns, all monsters must die

Physical: OOO
Social: OOO
Mental: OOO

• Great (4): Fists
• Good (
3): Athletics, Discipline
• Fair (2): Conviction, Endurance, Lore
• Average (
1): Might, Presence, Scholarship, Weapons

Supernatural Powers:
• Channeling (Spirit) [-2]
• Longevity [-0]

Mortal Stunts:
• Martial Artist (Fists):
• Lethal Weapons (Fists):
• Armed Arts (Fists):

Adjusted Refresh: 1


Pao Lee

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