Brujo Mal

Mysterious new dark wizard


High Concept: Mysterious Dark Wizard
Other Aspects: Multi-Centenarian, Unfathomable Goals, Always In Control, The Absolute Best At What I Do
Fantastic: Conviction, Lore, Discipline
Superb: Presence, Resources, Contacts
Great: Scholarship, Endurance, Alertness
Good: Deceit, Intimidation, Empathy
Fair: Athletics, Rapport, Investigation
Average: Survival, Stealth, Performance, Craftsmanship, Burglary
Dark Magic Bigwig (Contacts): 2 to Contacts to contact dark wizards.
Occultist (Lore): +1 to Lore concerning mortal practitioners, +2 concerning wizards
Evocation [-3]
Thaumaturgy [-3]
The Sight [-1]
Soulgaze [-0]
Lawbreaker: 1st [-2]
Lawbreaker: 2nd [-1]
Wizard’s Constitution [-0]
Refinement [-26]
Evocation (Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Spirit): +1 fire control, +1 air control, +2 earth control, +3 water control, +4 spirit power, +5 spirit control
Thaumaturgy: +1 conjuration complexity, +2 ward control, +1 divination complexity, +3 veil complexity, +4 summoning and binding complexity, +5 ward complexity, +1 summoning and binding control, +1 transportation and worldwalking complexity, +1 transformation and disruption complexity, +2 crafting strength, +2 crafting frequency
Foci: Staff (
3 offensive water and spirit power), Ring (2 offensive spirit control), Tome (4 complexity to wards)
Enchanted Items: Robes (10 shift block against attack, 5 uses/session), Underclothes (Armour 4, 3 uses/session), 5 potion slots (strength 8, 3 uses/session)
Total Refresh Cost:
Refresh Total:


Brujo Mal

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