Benjamin Smith

Frustrated Lich


Benjamin is a lich.

A lich is a wizard who places his soul in an object called a phylactery and so gains eternal life as long as the phylactery remains intact. This runs up against the laws of magic, but most liches aren’t the sort to care about that anyway.

High Concept: Ancient Undead Wizard
Other Aspects: Life Contained in Phylactery, Terrified of Death, Grasping and Paranoid, Obsessed with Ancient Egypt

Fantastic (6): Lore
Superb (
5): Conviction, Discipline, Resources
Great (4): Scholarship, Presence, Contacts, Deceit
Good (
3): Intimidation, Alertness, Empathy, Rapport, Investigation

Evocation [-3]
Thaumaturgy [-3]
The Sight [-1]
Kemmlerian Necromancy [-2]
Lawbreaker (1st) [-2]
Lawbreaker (4th) [-1]
Lawbreaker (5th) [-2]
Refinement [-7]
Item of Power (Phylactery) [+1] granting:
Living Dead [-1]
Supernatural Recovery [-4]

Evocation (Air, Earth, Spirit): Power: Air 3, Spirit +1 Control: Spirit +2
Thaumaturgy: +1 Crafting Frequency, +2 Crafting Power, +3 Necromancy Complexity, +4 Necromancy Control
Foci: Staff (
4 Air Power), Crown (+3 Crafting Frequency)
Enchanted Items (All have 5 uses/session): Robes (8 shift block against attack), mummy wrappings (Armour 4), 4 slots remaining

Mental OOOO, +1 mild consequence
Physical OOO
Social OOOO

Total Refresh Cost: -24


Benjamin Smith

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