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May 16 - Death, Destruction, and Ninja

Conner gets Kidnapped!

Miranda took it upon herself to get in touch with her work-friends who were MIA last mission. Conner and Viktor met up with Miranda and Johnathan at Thunderbird Coffee, where Samantha Summers seemed a bit out of sorts.

Conner, the ever caring park ranger, asked her what was going on. After convincing her he was willing to listen, she told him about a strange coffee she brewed the day before—a “sight shot” of coffee. When she drank the drought, she was assaulted with a vision most horrible. She was only able to tell them a little bit about it, but it obviously upset her. She mentioned the need to stay at her coffee shop, her place of power, to stay safe. Conner lent her his camping gear so she wouldn’t have to go outside.

Taken aback by his generosity, she gave him a thermos of a very special and difficult to make coffee. When drunk, it would cure all but the most serious of physical ailments.

While drinking their non-magical coffee, everyone chatted about what they were to do next. It was decided that the first thing to do was to seek out Rick Rags, see what he knew. Viktor thought it would be best if they went armed with some liquor as a bargaining chip, so everyone went down to Viktor’s bar. While approaching the bar, Viktor got a sense of someone watching them, and used his new toy, a cane, to activate The Sight. What he saw would horrify any mortal, but he was able to look around and spot not only the ninja that was hiding from them, but also a very old and venerable Sidhe who was walking about.

After shutting down The Sight, Viktor used the cane’s Victorian Heat to blast the ninja. It is unknown as to what happened to the ninja, but it was obvious that he or she left. Unfortunately, the pyrotechnics display caught the attention of some Gang Bangers who tried to take the cane from Viktor. He didn’t let that happen.

As the sound of sirens started getting closer, Viktor went inside and grabbed some booze and everyone left looking for Rick Rags…who was found dead. Magically burned, but not toasted. He was gripping a gun full of blanks in one hand (thanks, Tory, and a piece of vellum in the other.

The vellum had what was the supernatural equivalent of a Wanted poster for the group. Luckily, they are wanted alive, to be delivered to the Domain (an outdoor shopping center) at 3:30am. The police were called (well, our new friend “Tom” anyway) to let them know about the murder. When Jonathan got off the phone with Tom, he received a phone call from someone who worked for Luis Caldera. She was hysterical and there was sounds of destruction in the background.

Everyone drove as fast as they could to Luis’ place, but were too late. They walked in on a scene of pure chaos and destruction. Everyone was dead, and the place lay in ruin. Even the great Luis Caldera was found dead, barely recognizable. After some initial investigation, it was found that the same magic that destroyed Luis and his friends was used to kill Rick Rags.

Before anyone could call the police on this matter, they were greeted by the ninja princess herself, Miya. Miya and an entourage materialized out of nowhere, and gave the group a fair warning: “Stay out of my way, or die.” During the conversation, it was made known that Luis himself hired the ninja clan to keep an eye on everyone, and an apprentice of Luis Caldera had turned traitor and hired the Ninja to eliminate those who posed a threat to him. Now that he is dead, his contract with the ninja clan is void.

Unfortunately for everyone present, Miya did not say what she was doing nor where she was going, so they are unable to safely stay out of her way.

When Miya left, the Sidhe that was glimpsed earlier by Viktor by his bar. Recognizing someone of extreme stature and prestige, Conner bowed right away. Everyone else followed suit soon after (with some magical help, the Sidhe are proud, afterall). Apparently the group had run afoul of her and her plans previously (OOC, I didn’t start playing until after this encounter, so it was news to me [player] and my character).

Her and her ilk are the wyld fae, those that are not beholden to neither Summer nor Winter. They want to be left alone, but their negotiating power was dealt a serious blow by our “heroes.” She politely…ahh…encouraged…them to meet her emissary at the Domain the next morning. With that, she vanished.

Unsure what to do, and having ample time before their rondez-vous with the fae, they headed to UT campus to see if they can get some help from one of the professors, Mel Veetrov. They were able to catch him between classes, and laid it all on the line, letting him know all that had happened…well, almost. Prof. Veetrov was in the middle of explaining about a ghoul that lived on campus when Viktor spilled the beans about Luis Caldera being dead. That stopped Prof. Veetrov cold. They had been friends for over 100 years, and was shocked to hear of his friend’s demise.

Fortunately, Viktor or Johnathan (I can’t remember which) managed to pluck a very precious and power magical artifact from Luis’ house before they left, and gave it to Prof. Veetrov. In gratitude, Prof. Veetrov gave the group some advice on what is happening, and some warnings about what might come to pass.

After that, Prof. Veetrov left to go to his next class. The group talked a bit, and decided to follow up on a lead that was dropped: a ghoul that lived on campus. It wasn’t too difficult to find, and soon Viktor, Johnathan, and Miranda were chatting with the ghoul while Conner was taking aim on the beast from the shadows of a stairwell, ready to take his head off if he tried anything.

Within just a minute or two, he had convinced everyone of his good nature and willingness to not eat people. Hearing of his good intentions, Conner came out of the shadows, lowering his bow and putting his arrow away. Needless to say, the ghoul was startled, but started making fun of Conner for using a bow and arrows. “Seriously, who uses a bow anymore?

The ghoul, who’s name escapes me at the moment Ned, was willing to trade for some information about the other ghouls who were still eating people…and stealing children for a troll who lives under the Lake Austin bridge! Johnathan, who is faster than a speeding bullet, was able to infiltrate the nearby dorms to acquire what was necessary for trade: high-quality porno-mags. He’s a ghoul, and he’s lonely. >cringe<

Johnathan was able to find more than enough, and the ghoul was very open about his fellow’s habits. When he turned and started opening his new stash, everyone took it as a sign to leave.

By this point, it was nearing time to meet the fae at the Domain. They arrived pretty much on-time, and was greeted by Beatrade’ ,Lamia fairie sorcerer and her friend Tretahl. They very kindly told the group that it was their fault that the wyld fae were not being left alone, and were being drawn into the eternal struggle of Summer & Winter. If the group would be willing to sign-on with the fae and help them in their struggle.

Needless to say, the group didn’t take too kindly of someone trying to tell them what to do. Conner opens fire with his bow, felling one of the many mMalks that was hiding in the shadows. Beatrad√© opened up with some major magical mojo, felling the rest of the Malks, but not causing too serious damage to the group.

Johnathan, not happy with the way things are going, lays down the verbal bitch-slap, causing Beatrad√© to seriously rethink her actions (meaning, he did a kick-ass social attack that caused her to take a mild and moderate consequence). Unfortuantely, it wasn’t enough to cause her to call off her friend, Tretahl, who decided it was a smart move to throw a car at everyone.

Several rounds later, the group was hurting bad, and Beatrad√© made mention of needing to know more about The Earth, to use this knowledge to aid in her quest to be free. Realizing Conner’s connection to Mother Earth, she and her kin kidnapped him, and left the others standing in awe of her power, wondering what ever shall become of their friend…



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