Let's keep Austin a little less weird.

First Session - Kooky Wizards and wacky fae

The party all got an invitation to attend a local Sci-Fi convention. The invitation was to them specifically.

After getting there, the group was summoned to a hotel room, and after various hijinks (including Torbjørn (Tory) Høyre getting blasted with some evocation for being a chode), the group was approached by Luis Caldera and some lackeys.

He informed them that he is the White Council Warden overseeing the whole SW United States, and that his hands are tied concerning several supernatural factions due to the Accords.

Before he could explain further (or threaten them any more), the whole group had to beat a quick retreat via a cheesy enchanted dragon statue.

They found themselves in an underground cavern, left untouched by Caldera for 50 years. While making their trek to the surface, the group killed two goblins, three malks, met a Sidhe who warned them not to venture into fairy territory, and encountered Narlz, who made some vague threats and tried taking a bite out of Viktor Lampo (whom he now hates) before vanishing.

Once the group go to the surface, they met some Riverside riffraff who had a few mutual friends with at least one member of the group. Viktor Lampo gave one of them a roach, and after that all the party members went home, ready to meet Luis Caldera the next day at the Walmart he specified.



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