Let's keep Austin a little less weird.

Brief recap of 5/2/11

We met with Louie, resident Warden of the south-west. He was upset with us, as we had failed to start the mission we were given to hunt down the Ghouls, and instead investigated unnatural happenings at the Bastrop State park.

As a recap to the previous session, it had turned out it was a Hellfire sponsored evil Wizard type. We failed to stop his summoning ritual, and got our asses kicked. We also ran into Narlz, who was trying to stop us from preventing the ritual, Ethan Gregory, who was doing his now regular “hunt down Narlz” shenanigans, and the mysterious sniper that has been shadowing us, and taking pot shots now and then.

While we were at Louie‘s mansion we met our new group member, Miranda. She didn’t seem to combat oriented, but still you wouldn’t want to face off with her. She wears the shadows like a Time Lord wears a bow-tie.

We decided to meet up at Thunderbird Coffee and talk about our plan of attack for all our problems (Ghouls, evil Wizards, mysterious snipers, man-centipedes overrunning Bastrop park, our new Wizard boss making vague threats to our safety if we didn’t shape up), which really didn’t have room to get down to any of the smaller personal problems we have.

Miranda was the first to notice that we were being spied on in the coffee shop by a Ninja outside the shop. Johnathan, in his usual reckless nature, tore out of the shop after the Ninja. As the group chased after the Ninja, we were again sniped. We tracked down where we were being shot from, and who ever it was to come down from the building. Turned out it was a Ninja! Go figure, we have Ninja snipers after us. Johnny attacked the Ninja with his lightning attack, but the sniper escaped by spider climbing up a building, but not before Johnathan snapped a pic on his iPhone.

Shortly after the Ninja escaped, a police officer approached the group saying that we matched the description of some people we were looking for. We were brought into the police station, and were introduced to Thomas “Tom” Miller, the police chief of Austin. He made us a deal that he would look the other way on our supernatural activities if we continued hunting down the city’s more nefarious elements. Since that’s what we were already doing, seemed like a good deal.

We then decided to investigate the Meat packing factory that we believed was being used as a base for Ghouls. When we got there, Viktor decided to break a window with a rock. Shortly after about 12 Ghouls, one obviously being the leader, poured out and started attacking. Connor got their attention with some fire magic and got them talking, instead of shooting at us. Eventually a whole group of Ninja snipers showed up and RPG’d the warehouse, killing 3/4th of the Ghouls there.

We again started fighting the Ghouls, as the Ninjas took pot shots at us from range. Viktor took the brunt of the attacks from the Ghouls, while the rest of us attacked from range. We took down the mooks, until it was just the leader left. The leader was unfortunately taken out by the snipers, and we high tailed it out of there in a stolen car.


Those ninja do not eff around. : D

Brief recap of 5/2/11

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